Starting up a business?

A couple of years ago we set out with a dream to create an online platform for people who really wanted to set up a business for themselves. A one-stop shop to run a business set up as a sole trader or a small company, a lifestyle business or one that could grow and make a real difference to their lives.

We wanted to help people that had been made redundant, parents who wanted some flexibility and a better work-life balance, those who were tired of working for someone else – whatever the circumstances – we had a goal to give them access to the best information available so they could make great decisions from the start.

The result is Element Twenty. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.


Business Modules

Each area of business is split into modules and subsections so you can find the information you want to access quickly and easily.

Case Studies

Each module contains video case studies of small business owners offering information and insights. Our case studies are designed to be relevant to every step of your business development.


You get your own Dashboard to play with. Use it to set targets and objectives, to bookmark information for easy retrieval and to make notes on content that catches your attention.


Access on the move using your phone or tablet so you can learn on the go.


Choosing suppliers can be challenging. Browse our Marketplace, a directory for anything from financial software to help you manage your accounts, to services such a design agency that will create your brand logo. All of which are endorsed by Element Twenty.

Virtual Coach

Start each module with a Virtual Coach video, to identify the key areas that you need to consider and make a plan for.

Information Sheets

We all access information differently. This section is for those who prefer to download and read through documents at their own pace.

Cloud Based

Access the content anywhere, anytime. As long as you can get online, we can provide the information you need to move your business forward.

Downloads & Templates

Need to write a marketing plan? Struggling with your first VAT return? Want to write a good sales pitch? We’ve got templates and downloads to take care of all that.

Blogs & Insights

Regular blogs and insights written by invited experts. So you can keep up to speed with the latest business practices. Ensuring you are always one step ahead with your business.


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Who's behind E20?

Who are we you ask? It's a good question, after all, if we're not credible as founders, why should you believe in our platform. Well, we're three people who have a wide range of expertise and experiences, mostly with micro and small business but also with some bigger ones. We've started and run successful companies, and we've had failures, so we've been where you are and known what lies ahead. There's more info below but we're always happy to hear from our subscribers so just drop us a line!

Let us keep you up to date

A platform like Element Twenty, with all of this exciting content, takes a while to put together. We've still got crews out filming, developers coding and experts writing content. But if you don't want to subscribe as an early adopter today, we really want you to put your name down on our list so that when the full platform is ready to go, we can let you know! Don't worry though, we won't spam you, pass on your details or sell any data, we just want you to be the first to know when we move from Beta to the full version!

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